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Advertising, electronic than paper versions are more in demand

According to foreign media reports, 2012 the electronic version of the financial times subscribers surpassed traditional print version of the Subscriber.
according to the parent company, Pearson publishing group statistics 2012, 2012 revenue of the FT group rose 4%, in print and electronic versions of the total subscription 602,000 copies, electronic subscriptions to 316,000, up 18%, this is an electronic version of the subscribers for the first time over traditional print editions.
in the industry believe that this breakthrough can be regarded as a milestone in the financial times. Starting from 2011 with the financial times launched applications in Apple's app store, and a record 200,000 downloads in two weeks.
according to Pearson's data, users now stands at 3.5 million in the financial times. Mobile devices now make up nearly 30% of access, approximately 15% new subscriptions from mobile users.
, analysts say, the report shows figures and related services accounted for the FT group 2012 revenue of approximately 50%, while the ratio in 2008 was less than 30%, this means that traditional newspapers is declining. The financial times launched in March 2012 and timing of the Conference sector, and named it ft live channels. Through the channels broadcasting live video, Web conferencing, and more. Platform last year issued more than 200 pieces of news.
it is reported that the Web page of the financial times, are built on the payment page. Readers can read a month is 1 sterling price, pay £ 9 a week through computers and mobile phones, read all the FT's digital content, a 10 pound or 12 you can read and print exactly the same content.
in addition, Pearson said the Group 2012 advertising revenue declines in the financial times, show the importance of subscription revenue total revenue principal than the traditional advertising revenue.

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