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10 characteristics of excellent advertisers need

  A long time, our advertiser's visual impression was that they were full of whim, pursued a variety of breakthroughs live on eclectic and creative trafficking, the adjective is mostly fashion, creative, fresh ... ...
of course, there is another version. In that version, the advertiser is the person most overtime, with party a conspiracy person, every written proposal and then wait to be negative, and engaged in physical labor were in fact ... ...
idea itself is not an easy task, it is a complex business, arts and literature. David Ogilvy, founder of Ogilvy-Wei said in the monologue of an advertising man, he was considered the inventor of the smart ideas for a high-yield, but in his entire career, clever ideas and no more than 20. So advertising is not so simple.
so, what qualities a good advertiser need? a good idea from a customer demand to end the proposal to go through what process? whether you're being an advertiser, or is this industry is full of interest, may wish to look at the big 4 advertising their understanding of what it is.
+ Curiosity curiosity curious
, President of Ogilvy China Tao said, asked why his childhood love of the character is his ideal for advertising one of the most important reasons. Ogilvy "endangered species" in the optional criteria, curiosity is in the first place.
first channel for advertising is to let consumers access to new products, here was new. "New products and services through advertising began to spread in the community. So advertisers must first understand why there is such a product, the new products and services in the community can play what role. "Smart Executive Creative Director, Chairman of the China North weitangxundong Lo Sheung yan says, advertisers need to chase the freshest stuff. Thirst for knowledge can be established on the basis of things they are interested in, and can be any new and interesting areas, should not be satisfied with their existing knowledge and vision.

Insight insight once the BBDO North America President and Chief Creative Officer, feier·dusenboli "insight" as more precious things than creative, "in the advertising industry, with a good idea can bring a great advertisement, but a good insight into the often can create 1000 creative. "Sources of insight, is the insight.
insights is to want to know why people like this rather than the ability, insight on people's psychology and consumer behavior, as well as observation and reflection of human nature. "Insight to help you find the customer needs and meeting point, it needs to think very carefully and turn themselves into the roles of consumers to think. "Lo Sheung yan said.
Humor humour
"why do some things that will make you smile? ' because you didn't think of that. So a sense of humor must be creative and you over the head with a sense of humor is easy. "McCain ads Mo Kangsun, Chairman of light believes that humor is an important part of the creative, and many outstanding advertising work that appeals to consumers one of the reasons.
Mo Kangsun believe that the advertising industry is combating coexists with achievement-today they are happy with a new idea, tomorrow may be denied by the client. "To be able to turn these frustrations by humor into a motivation to work, otherwise you won't be able to continue to advertise. "
Passion passion
" you have liked enough to devote yourself to do it. "Tao said he even now, when he is exposed to new customers will be very excited, and he has seen good advertisers are willing to spend chunks of time on the customer's issue," only want to warm to know customers can really have a good idea. "
hand, enthusiasm and interest is engaged in any industry must have.
Unruly do not behave themselves
it's a little abstract, but it is important. Toe is creative's biggest obstacles. You can't just be a product of advertising, even if only one product, you can't do it in the same way. Laws must be found, but must not be confined to the routine.
so this may be the closest that we imagine a trait-the so-called creative advertising people, often break, ideas associated with these words, which is what we used to say, you have to be off the beaten path. Perceptual
Sensitive ads often pay attention to the audience to form emotional resonance. This is a process of Exchange, if you haven't been touched, customers will not be moved. That is to say, good advertising people should be sensible enough, fine enough, good at finding good experience, and ultimately to be good at conveying.
of course, and equally important is that your rational and logical.
Insistance stick
fulanmairui Mo Kangsun a snow-car print ad case, before the final scheme in that ad, they might have done more than 40 drafts submitted to customer discussion difference however is that in every draft postures and facial expressions of the characters, and color of the car, each element's position, and copywriting differ slightly. "Are you staying up late to do overtime out of creativity, are likely to be rejected by the customer immediately the next day, perseverance and responsibility is not strong enough, you would accept that hit over and over again, and even enjoy it. "Mo Kangsun said.
Conviction ideas
"just follow the customer's idea was to work out ideas, sometimes we must dare to stick to his idea. "Mo Kangsun said that despite the advertising industry said the customer service industry, the need to respect the client's ideas, but don't always say Yes in front of customers, you have to have their own opinion, or customers need an advertising agency to do?
Expression expressive
every industry seems to have needed skills, but advertising for this requirement may be closer to sale. You're selling ideas, and finally the idea will sell products and services to consumers, all need communication and presentation. Both customer service, planning, or creative, advertisers every day is not meeting with clients, proposal, is communication within the company. If you have something to express, then it's no use your keen insight. Expression is not merely the language of communication, of course. Saatchi advertising agency creative director Yang Ye think, especially for creative advertising people, very important insight through the express.
All-rounder generalist
Tao believes that advertising agencies within any Department employee, how many other branches of knowledge, customer management project, good communication skills, preferably also some creative ideas and for creative people, he also hopes to have its policy mind, understanding the customer's needs, grasp the way to solve the problem. "If you are not able to run to the next in a great area, you can't keep good going. ”

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