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Flow of advertising will become commercial key

In just the past year, SINA weibo on several levels to explore the commercialization, and in last year's third quarter, the microblogging advertising revenue of about $ 20 million. Recalled whole 2012, SINA micro-Bo specific has which commercial attempts to? made has which progress? next of focus is what? for, I stocks interview has Sina commercial operation strategy General Manager AI Yong, and SINA Spokesman Liu Qi, following is interview summary:
---media platform main oriented brand advertising main, to show mainly, charges mode main is CPT and CPM; micro-Bo platform long-term view will main oriented SMEs, by effect paid more for they.
---in a batch-oriented enterprise microblogging fans stream ad products, we follow the CPF, that is, how many users log on and see the calculated enterprise content. We also try to CPE model is based on user interaction with the promotion charge mode, including on the promotion of short-chain click on the forwarding, collection, and so on.
---in effect said, the microblogging stream ads than the right display advertising increases by about 10 times. From Facebook and Twitter experience, with the accumulation of user data, and algorithms of optimization, hurt ad featured on the user experience of information flow will be reduced to a very low level.
---corporate Twitter account more than 260,000. The vast majority of enterprises is not the original brand advertisers. Enterprise microblogging services core business groups should be small and medium enterprises, we think the market potential.
---millet and Smart case has symbolic significance, we want to be able to show enterprises, micro boping stage, to form a complete closed-loop marketing, classical AISAS model attention---interest---search---action---share. Commercialization of micro-Bo
---2012 year started in April, but the company never said large-scale commercial. Commercialization is the focus of Twitter for some time to come, but did not say to make relatively large income immediately in the commercial, the company has no such requirement, we would not make relevant indicators.
---commercial product technology and traditional users cannot be identified on the product technology, in terms of products, we have differences in the accumulation of technology, but in the commercialization of technology point of view, I think most of the companies on the same starting line.

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