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Advertising films: the importance of reputation

ever since the Chinese movie market, producers gradually realized the importance of marketing, this is Hollywood a great progress of industrialization model for reference. How to promote good film, this film apart from the production's most fundamental proposition. But there is no denying that, "China film and marketing strategy at an early stage. "Ma Ke said. (Taken from: first financial daily)
well at the box office, marketing is essential, this is the consensus of the film. "Movie marketing created a prior reputation. "Critic Zhou liming said," it will at least talk to the first batch of visitors. "According to the market law of success or failure at the box office two weeks ago, these quantities are sufficient to protect the film's box office receipts in the audience.
one of the queer films the status quo that is, everyone seems to have formed a consensus, the film's publicity investment is to a large extent determines the trend of box office, but the latter is sometimes associated with the reputation, quality of little.
Gold Silver Cup as the reputation of the people, this is the word on the lips of many actors, directors. This year's Lunar New year, movie box office and audience word of mouth is battle. It was said that Lu Chuan of the King's feast lasted 3 years, Ang Lee spent 4 years in the juvenile, Wong Kar-Wai, the Grandmaster took 10 years, Feng Xiaogang's ' 1942 ' ready for 18 years. But numbers are only the surface, so who is the winner, is indeed the reputation of the people and charge at the box office.

        this year's Lunar New year stall has seven films in the cinema ranked well:
released at the end of these large areas, most notably is Feng Xiaogang's ' 1942 ' the juvenile fantasy life of with Lee.
of the 1942 Feng Xiaogang and Liu zhenyun topic cleverly use historical restore point tells the Henan famine occurred in 1942, claiming to be the one to know history, people, understanding their historical masterpiece. Movies from the film's marketing team began two months ago in the TV broadcast newspaper advertised everywhere on the network, ad title will rise to the height of country, nation and humanity. Overwhelming publicity effects also polarized, which of course involves viewing the problems of ordinary people in China, preheat the box office on the one hand, one hand is suspected because of the impetuous boast of all the arguments, lost his reputation. But heat but not multicast, for propaganda purposes is reached.
look at Ang Lee's 3D debut juvenile fantasy life of, for making the movie, Lee took a full 4 years, filmed propaganda are a very low profile, but still arouses applause after release. Many people feeling fine about this movie, the picture beautiful, spectacular and so has a consensus, although on a marketing campaign and not overwhelming like other large, but attendance and excellent reputation. It is reported that the theaters in the initial row while taking into account the film with a certain literary cavity, arranged and much less 2012, later in the film led by influence of reputation and attendance, gradually increases in chip, now well beyond 2012, with 106 million in Four days easily won the first week, was typical for the benefit from Word of mouth.
on the network on both movie word of controversy fried on the Internet are inseparable, also did a parody of good comparison chart, although elements of spoof, the majority, but also to reflect the importance of the reputation of one or two.
this year's other big popular feast of King is hot but not broadcast, from Director Lu Chuan's visit, we can easily see the movie wants to attempt to create a good reputation. Recently also found a online cross-border cooperation, not only launched the "three King after" game concept posters, buy movie tickets, get games online activities. The innovation and depth patterns of cooperation on both sides, also opened a new attempt of the movie marketing. But Lu in frequently accept media access for movie campaign of when, he of speech such as "we face of is large archaeological evidence of lack, 90% above heritage information are lost has" of culture lost on the, and "Tony Fang painting halberd are is little book SHANG created out of" of bold push theory, these figured history of bold conclusion times will King of feast into dilemma, time network Shang spit slot who many, makes film and crew reputation degrees way fell. Lu Chuan's directors may not know, win high, fell even more pain, excessive hype, the movie itself is a kind of hurt.

        addition to this three-part film of concern, there is the blood of the Shanghai of the 12 animals of the domestic blockbusters such as the master, marketing focus and have different emphases, but as to who has the last laugh, reputation, what do you think about it?
to sum up, in General, the movie wants to create a good reputation must have three conditions:
, may be extended for
a good film should have a sustainable value, these values include the connotation and artistic value. These values are always hauntingly are tempted to finish. You can't help but to think of what directors want to express, then later, became this film what you want. People have feelings, can benefit from for a long time, it will naturally have a good reputation. Grounding

II, many low budget films are also popular, one of the most important reasons is the story because of its grounding. The most typical example of this is the romance of 33 days. The lovelorn 33 days with greater producer cost 8.9 million, dispersing cost 6 million medium and small budget films, created a myth of 360 million Yuan at the box office. In those years, we hunt with the girl in Taiwan hit NT $ 420 million at the box office and became the Chinese ever third place at the box office. But because Word of mouth praise makes this movie a lot of people remember the pure heat.
III, real
the movie mainstream still cannot escape the "star-studded", rather than films of many movies at the box office, is a popular actor, and "Star" countless, "classics" are numbered. A good film, the key is whether the screenplay deserves scrutiny, or after screenwriter the actors performing in front of audiences of the story does not stand up to scrutiny, suggesting that great Director, large production units of credit have an overdraft. Real play, real production is the root of the root.
whether it is big or small, production cost, no matter how well-known is plastic stars, well-grounded or an up and comer, movie to win the public, marketing of course important, but Word of mouth is King of the box office.
in addition, the juvenile fantasy life of released time in the Mainland for IMAX3D and 3D versions, because the IMAX version only 7 days, November 29 and will give way to the 1942 Protocol, so many viewers choose to watch IMAX version. As for the staying power of the King's feast 1942 how to, it can only go one step at a time.
in any case, "feast" versus "famines", it seems that dinner has always been a big problem for Chinese!

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